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In 2014, Liaoyuan Environmental Protection created another glory and cooperated with Meijin Energy to jointly establish Jiaocheng Lvbang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Liaoyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. provides environmental protection treatment plan and overall operation technology for desulfurization waste liquid, and Meijin Energy fully invests and constructs. With a total investment of CNY 46 million, Jiangsu Liaoyuan provides technical support and is responsible for operation management. Relying on the leading salt extraction technology and comprehensive management capability of the environmental protection industry, Jiaocheng Lvbang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has become a demonstration project for the environmental treatment of desulfurization waste liquid in China's coking industry association. Up to now, the annual coke output is 5.3 million tons, the company's daily wastewater treatment capacity is 150 tons, the annual treatment wastewater volume is 50,000 tons, and the annual sodium thiocyanate output is 8,000 tons. The evaporating condensate after salt extraction is deeply purified, most of the water meets the water replenishment requirements of the cooling circulating water system, and is used for replenishing water in the circulating water system; a small part can be used for the desulfurization system to replenish water, which solves the coking problem (water balance of Desulphurization system) that has plagued coking enterprises for many years.

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