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Key technology

(1) Waste liquid treatment patented technology and proprietary technology are used to oxidize thiosulfate to sulfate. The whole process can produce no thiosulfate, and the salt extraction products are sulfate and thiocyanate.

(2) Efficient and reliable integrated energy-saving advanced technology; the energy consumption level is lower than the existing energy consumption of 10%-20% of the waste water used in the separation technology;

(3) Completely solve the comprehensive technology of high-efficiency water treatment of wastewater recycling and environmental protection technology of waste liquid treatment and process, and increase the industrial exhaust gas absorption device. The whole system does not produce secondary pollution in normal operation, and “zero” emissions to the environment; After the liquid is treated, the condensed water produced by the reverse osmosis membrane is treated with 30% of the clear liquid to meet the requirements of the desulfurization system, and the desulfurization system is recycled, and 70% of the supernatant is directly discharged or cooled.

(4) Professional equipment, engineering anti-corrosion technology and efficient automation technology.

(5) Know-how and process quality control technology to ensure product quality during salt extraction

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