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Processing background of desulfuration decyanation waste liquid

Domestic status

China's current large-scale enterprises have an annual output of 559 million tons of coke and an annual output of 5 million tons of desulfuration waste liquid. At present, only about 40% of coking enterprises have launched desulfuration waste liquid treatment plants, and most other enterprises have adopted waste liquid coal blending or discharge. For the treatment of coking desulfuration decyanation waste gas, the more mature and simple treatment method is partially adopting HPF method using ammonia as absorption medium, ADA method using sodium carbonate as absorption medium, and vacuum potassium carbonate method using potassium carbonate as absorption medium. Producing a high salt waste liquid containing thiocyanate, thiosulfate, and sulfate, and treating by a physical three-phase separation method to produce a crude salt of thiocyanate, a sulfate or a mixed salt of a sulfate and a thiosulfate; Another part of the wastewater enters the coal fuel storage yard and is discharged into the atmosphere after combustion, causing secondary environmental pollution and causing serious corrosion to existing coal blending and coking equipment.

Jiangsu Liaoyuan

Jiangsu Liaoyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in coking desulfuration decyanation wastewater environmental protection treatment and thiocyanate manufacturing; it is the first in the industry to establish a whole industrial chain system from waste liquid treatment to product development, production and sales. The desulfuration decyanation waste liquid environmental protection treatment technology with domestic leading and independent intellectual property rights is a national key high-tech enterprise and a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

The technology of Jiangsu Liaoyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is applicable to the HPF method using ammonia as the absorption medium, the ADA method using sodium carbonate as the absorption medium, and the desulfuration decyanation waste liquid produced by the vacuum potassium carbonate method using potassium carbonate as the absorption medium. Processing.

The new production mode of thiocyanate saves the country a large amount of non-renewable materials and corresponding energy needed for the original synthesis; it provides a reliable solution for the treatment of desulfuration waste liquid (high-salt wastewater) that has plagued the coking industry for decades. The technical and economic feasibility provides a solid foundation for its green development; it provides thiocyanate users with high-quality, low-quality, quality-assured and resource-rich raw materials, which saves a lot of cost and ensures thiocyanate. The application market for acid salts.

In the many investigations and conferences of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Coking Industry Association, the company's desulfuration waste liquid treatment technology has been highly evaluated, and it is unique in the desulfuration waste liquid treatment industry, and its industry status is detached.

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