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Crimazole Triazole Benzene Biyan

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Mass fraction ≥95%, Weight loss on drying ≤1.0%,
Acidity (calculated as H2SO4) ≤0.5%, Melting point (187~188)℃


25kg paper bag or customized packaging according to customer's requirements


Tricyclazole is a cell melanin biosynthesis inhibitor and a systemic bactericide for the prevention and treatment of rice blast. The role of Tricyclazole in the prevention and treatment of rice blast is mainly by inhibiting the formation of melanin in the attachment of spores, thereby inhibiting the germination of spores and the formation of attachment spores, preventing the invasion of pathogens and reducing the production of spores of the blast fungus. Studies have found that Tricyclazole can inhibit the expansion and sporulation of lesions, thereby inhibiting re-infection; and can induce the increase of POX enzyme activity in the host. Tricyclazole is not easy to cause resistance to rice blast and belongs to the pesticide with low resistance risk. Tricyclazole has four major advantages: high selectivity and specific effects on rice blast; strong systemic, easily absorbed by rice roots, stems, and leaves, and conduction in the plant; it has strong anti-erosion ability, after application 1 Hourly rainfall does not affect the disease prevention effect; the efficacy period is long, with a residual effect period of up to 20-30 days, and the obvious control effect can be obtained by applying the pesticide twice at the break and full ear stage of the rice. In addition, it also has the advantages of not reducing the disease prevention effect when mixed with other pesticides, and being safe and harmless to crops.

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