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Mixed type wood preservative

Product manual LYA wood preservative is a very effective water-borne wood preservative. It is highly efficient, low-toxic, free of arsenic, phenolic compounds, aldehydes, heavy metals and other harmful substances, and meets the requirements of environmental protection regulations in Europe and the United States. LYA wood preservatives can be widely used in logs, furniture wood, garden landscape wood, marine materials, sleepers, cool water tower components, pile wood, fences, terraces, and outdoor wood/bamboo products and building anti-corrosion functions.
Appearance Dark red liquid
PH 1% (aqueous solution); 5-7
toxicity LD50 (oral/rat) ≧1500mg/Kg
Uses LYA can be dispersed in water according to the corresponding proportion, and then stirred enough, and further diluted according to the situation. When diluted, add LYA to water and disperse it evenly in water.
Features 1. Broad spectrum; can effectively prevent the damage of decaying bacteria, soft rot fungi, blue variabilis, mold, termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Experiments show that the anti-mildew effect is obviously better than ACQ, CCA and other similar products. At the same time, it can inhibit or poison the fungus and mold which harms rubber wood. It is mainly used as a rubber wood mold and anti-blue color change agent. The experiment proves that the effect is obvious. 
2, strong resistance to loss; the agent is insoluble in water after it is fixed into the wood, and has strong anti-leak properties. 
3, high environmental protection; low toxicity, no pollution to the environment, is an environmentally friendly product. 
4. After treatment, the wood can maintain the original color without reducing the strength of the wood and affecting the performance of the paint. 
5, the drug consumption is less than ACQ, CCA and other similar products, the process time can be greatly shortened.
Usage Mix the syrup with water and mix well for vacuum pressurization, soaking or brushing. It is best to use it when preparing the emulsion.
Instructions for use and recommended dosage 1. Suitable for vacuum pressure treatment of wood. The concentration used is 0.1---0.3%. 
2. It is suitable for treating wood with atmospheric pressure soaking method. The concentration used is 0.3---0.6%. 
3. Suitable for spraying wood. Use concentration of 0.7---1.0%
Precautions 1. Wear protective gloves during operation to avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin. If contact, rinse immediately with water. 
2. The wood to be treated should be clean, free from oil and debris. 
3. Operators need to have the technology and expertise to use and process industrial chemicals.
Storage Protected from light at room temperature, sealed against moisture; storage period is 1-2 years
package 25kg, 200kg plastic bucket

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