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Mixed type concrete antifreeze agent

Product description FH new ultra-low volume concrete antifreeze is a new type of concrete antifreeze (developed jointly by Yixing Liaoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Coldland Building Science Research Institute), which is a high-tech product of Jiangsu Province and has obtained scientific and technological progress in Heilongjiang Province. The second prize, the product is divided into two series of products, respectively FH-N antifreeze, FH-C antifreeze, its biggest feature is the ultra-low content in concrete, only for the quality of cementitious materials 0.2%~1.5%, and no chlorine, alkali or microalkali content, it is a new "green" concrete antifreeze, which can be applied to the winter construction of concrete works under the condition of minimum temperature of -25 °C. This product can promote the hydration reaction of cement under normal temperature, low temperature and negative temperature conditions, improve the early strength and ultimate strength of concrete, especially improve the physical and mechanical properties and durability indexes of concrete impermeability and frost resistance. It is an important admixture material essential for the construction of negative temperature concrete in cold regions.
Specified temperature and dosage
Minimum ambient temperature




Dosage of FH antifreeze
(% of cementitious material)




Scope of application 1. This product can be used for winter construction of concrete and reinforced concrete in general industrial and civil construction, electric power, road traffic, water conservancy, municipal, railway, metallurgy, port and coal engineering under negative temperature conditions. 
2. This product can be used for the construction of cast-in-place concrete and precast concrete members under negative temperature. 
3. This product can be used for winter construction of commercial concrete. 
4. Negative temperature construction of reinforced concrete with added chlorine salt is not allowed. 
5. This product is suitable for concrete construction with early strength and rapid demoulding requirements under normal temperature and low temperature conditions. It has early strength and enhanced functions. When used as an early strength agent at normal temperature and low temperature, the dosage of FH new antifreeze can be reduced to 0.05% to 0.2% of the quality of the cementitious material. Under this dosage, the early strength of concrete 1d and 3d can be increased by 30%. ~50%, 28d strength can be increased to more than 110%.
Product physical parameters


Moisture content%




Alkali content, % (calculated as Na2O + 0.658K2O)



Technical index

Gray-black powder



Tasteless, easy to dissolve




Light yellow liquid







Technical parameters after adding FH antifreeze concrete
Specified temperature




Adding amount of dry basis (% by mass of cementitious material)




Water reduction rate, %


Bleeding rate, %


Gas content, %


Condensation time difference, min

Initial condensation


Final condensation

Compressive strength ratio, %

















28 shrinkage ratio, %


Penetration height ratio, %


Loss rate on 50 freeze-thaw strength, %


Corrosion of steel bars

No rust

Use regulations 1. The implementation standard of FH new ultra-low volume concrete antifreeze test is “concrete antifreeze” JC475-2004. 
2, FH new antifreeze negative temperature concrete during winter construction, should comply with the "Construction Quality Acceptance Code for Concrete Structure Engineering" (GB50204-2002), "Technical Specifications for Concrete Admixture Application" (GB50119-2003), "Construction Engineering Winter Construction" The relevant provisions in the Regulations (JGJ104-97). 
3. When using this product under negative temperature, the external environment temperature should be strictly monitored, and the amount of FH antifreeze and the construction insulation measures of concrete should be adjusted according to the temperature change. 
4. When FH antifreeze should be used in combination with other admixtures during construction, it should be sent to a qualified test department or testing center for matching test in strict accordance with the regulations. 
5. When the ambient temperature is below -15 °C, the dosage of FH new antifreeze should be increased by 1.0%~1.5%, that is, the total amount of FH should be 2.5%~3.0%, and should be strictly pressed. The JC475-2004 standard shall be tested; at the same time, the comprehensive thermal storage method shall be adopted for the insulation and maintenance construction of the negative temperature concrete according to the JCJ104-97 standard. 
6. When used in low-strength grade concrete, when the total amount of cementitious material is lower than 330KG/m3, the dosage of FH antifreeze should be increased by 0.2%~0.3%. 
7. When the construction strength is lower than -10 °C, and the construction insulation measures are not available, the strength of the FH antifreeze concrete should be increased by one grade.
Instructions 1. When using FH new antifreeze powder product, it does not need to be formulated into a solution. It can be directly put into the mixer together with cement, sand and stone raw materials. The mixing time of concrete should be extended by 0.5min~1.0min. 
2. When using FH new antifreeze agent, it can be directly put into the mixer together with the concrete raw materials. The mixing time should be extended by about 0.5min, but the water content in the liquid product should be deducted from the concrete water consumption (the liquid product) The solid content and water content are given in the product label.) 
3. During the construction, the amount of FH antifreeze should be determined according to the temperature change in the next 5 days, and the technicians should be strictly measured, and no leakage or blending should be added. .
Precautions 1. FH new antifreeze is not suitable for combination with antifreeze and early strength agent containing nitrate. 
2, FH new antifreeze and melamine superplasticizer should be mixed test. 
3. When the FH new antifreeze is compounded with other admixtures, it should be negotiated with the manufacturer and the testing center, and then confirmed by the test.
Packaging and storage 1. The powder product is packaged in a woven bag lined with plastic film, with a net weight of 50KG/bag. 
2. The liquid product is packed in plastic drums or metal drums or transported by tank truck. 
3. This product should be stored in a dedicated warehouse or a fixed place for ventilation and moisture protection to prevent humans and animals from eating. The maximum stacking height of bagged products should not exceed 10 bags.Protect from rain or moisture during product storage. If the product is agglomerated by moisture, it can be formulated into a solution, and the technical effect remains unchanged. 
4. The shelf life of this product is tentatively set at two years. When the shelf life is exceeded, it must be sent to the inspection department for inspection before it can be used.

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