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As a professional manufacturer of chemical raw materials and industrial additives, we have a variety of testing methods to ensure that we always provide customers with excellent products.
For chemical products, in addition to the conventional test methods, we also have liquid chromatography, gas chromatograph, UV/visible spectrophotometer and other testing instruments, which can qualitatively determine the organic impurities of the product, analyze the content of organic impurities, and determine The color of the product and the content of inorganic ionic impurities, so our chemical raw materials can finally meet the customer's requirements.?
For industrial additive products, because they are mostly anti-mildew and antibacterial products, we have a complete microbiology laboratory for this purpose.?Our researchers are skilled in the cultivation and separation of strains and can perform various biological experiments such as inhibition zone and MIC. Therefore, our anti-mold and antibacterial products always maintain good defense under effective detection and control. Mildew antibacterial effect.
We also have a variety of wastewater testing methods to effectively ensure the control of pollutants in our factories and adhere to a sustainable economic model.

Microbiology laboratory

Bactericide microbial culture

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Instrument introduction

The laboratory has a total of 17 inspection instruments, the total value of the instrument is 550,000 yuan, including 4 LC-20AT liquid chromatographs (one for each pump, three for single pump), one for GC9790 gas chromatograph, and one for UV1800. 1 UV-visible spectrophotometer, 2 sets of ZDJ-4A potentiometric titrator, 1 Karl Fischer moisture analyzer, 3 melting point instruments, 2 MB-27 fast moisture analyzers, 2 pH meters, conductivity 1 station, etc.

High performance liquid chromatograph

It is equipped with Shimadzu's LC-20A infusion unit series double plunger pump, SPD-20A UV detector, and Shimadzu's dedicated column.
Features: fast analysis, high separation efficiency, high sensitivity, UV detector up to 1 × 107g, can be used for more than 70% of organic compound analysis, especially high boiling point, macromolecule, strong polarity, poor thermal stability Separation analysis of compounds. Qualitative analysis can be performed based on the relative retention values, and quantitative analysis can be performed using the peak area or peak height.


Gas Chromatograph

Equipped with fully automatic air compressor, hydrogen generator, nitrogen cylinder, capillary column separation, hydrogen flame ionization detector detection.
Features: fast analysis, high resolution, high sensitivity, can directly detect 10-9g without pre-concentration, if using pre-concentration technology, the detection limit can reach the order of 10-12g. Suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile organic compounds. Non-volatile liquids and solid materials can be analyzed by pyrolysis and gasification. Qualitative analysis can be performed based on the relative retention values, and quantitative analysis can be performed using the peak area or peak height.


UV-visible spectrophotometer

The US-based UV-1800 UV-Vis spectrophotometer performs photometric analysis, quantitative analysis, and kinetic testing with simple parameter settings. With professional scanning analysis software, full-wavelength spectral scanning and multi-wavelength testing can be realized. Used for quantitative analysis and purity analysis of substances. 
Features: It can directly display standard curve and its equations, dynamic test curve, with independent optical system, automatic wavelength calibration and automatic switching of light source, automatic control of xenon and tungsten light switches, real-time monitoring of lamp lighting time, change The function of the lamp is free of debugging, and the membrane button operation is simple and convenient.


Automatic potentiometric titrator

DJ-4A Automatic Potentiometric Titrator An automated instrument for capacity analysis produced by Shanghai Raytheon. It can be used for controlled titration of pH or electrode potential and fully automatic capacity analysis. It can also be used for pH measurement and potentiometry.
Features: Chinese operation interface, directly display test parameters and measurement results, titration mode can be set according to needs, different electrodes can be used for acid-base titration, redox titration, precipitation titration, complexometric titration, non-aqueous titration, etc. With power-off protection. Simple operation and good stability.

Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer

AKF-1 Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer is a classic product of Shanghai Hegong Scientific Instrument. The instrument can effectively analyze the water content from 10ppm-100%, and can be used for solid, liquid and gas in medicine, food, chemical products, etc. Moisture analysis in samples suitable for Karl Fischer test. 
Features: Automated design, safe and stable operation, touch control, no pollution during analysis, automatic record storage data, automatic analysis results, record and save the latest calibration results, automatic measurement of drift results, automatic calibration of calibration results, accuracy high.

Melting point meter

YRT-3 type melting point meter is a kind of medicine melting point meter, which can be widely used in the production and research of medicine, chemical reagents, perfumes, dyes and other industries to measure the melting point of organic crystalline substances. 
Features: The drug melting point instrument adopts the capillaries prescribed by the Pharmacopoeia as the sample tube and the liquid temperature transfer mode. The temperature is controlled by the microcomputer control program, the temperature control precision is high, the reproducibility is good, and the operation is simple.

Rapid moisture analyzer

The MB-27 Rapid Moisture Analyzer is a halogen-heated moisture analyzer produced by Ohaus for rapid heating of samples. It can quickly measure low moisture content and is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, etc. field.
Features: The instrument adopts halogen heating tube, ABS plastic shell, metal sample tray bracket design, can choose different control methods to automatically measure moisture, can switch the display mode of results, provide 1mg/0.01% test accuracy, instrument can realize weight And temperature double calibration function. It is easy to operate and can be used in various environments.

Ion chromatograph

Equipped with DIONEX CHINA LIMITED's ICS-900 ion chromatograph, the advanced digital conductivity detector has high sensitivity and stability, making the measurement results more accurate, patented high-capacity automatic continuous regeneration micro-film chemical suppression technology, It can be used for both anion and cation. MMS suppressor with the latest development of DCR (automatic recycling) technology, the world's advanced level ion chromatography column, high efficiency and high capacity, for a variety of purposes.
Optional AS40 autosampler for pre-processing functions such as concentration/filtration/solid phase extraction (removal of organic contamination) on sample line (IN LINE). It can efficiently and accurately detect the content of anion and cation in the product.

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