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Shanxi Recycle Environmental?Protection?Technology?Co.,?Ltd.

    Located in Jiaocheng Economic Development Zone, Shanxi Recycle Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise jointly funded and established in August 2016 by Jiangsu Liaoyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Meijin Energy Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Keshuo Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd., with an area of ??68, 034 square meters, more than 30 technical staffs with professional technical knowledge. Recycle already got 9 patents, has advanced production equipment, leading production technology, stable product quality, and strong market competitiveness. Recycle was rated as a national high-tech enterprise and won the Jiaocheng County Outstanding Contribution Award in 2019. In 2020, Recycle won the titles of provincial technology center, the provincial "specialized, fine, special and new" enterprise.

    Taking the resource utilization products of coking desulfurization and decyanation as basic materials, and using advanced production technology and in-depth development, our company transformed these materials into pollution-free green plant protectants. Now, our main products are: 7,000 tons/year of 4-Methyl-2-hydrazino benzothiazole(HMBT), 3,000 tons/year of Tricyclazole, 2,000 tons/year of Methoxyacetic acid and 2,000 tons/year of N-allyl-O-isobutylcarbamothionate. This project not only solves the problem of coking waste liquid, but also turns waste into treasure. Thus, it is a typical new solution for environmental protection and energy saving industry, and has an irreplaceable competitive advantage in industry.

    Our company insist to recycle the waste resources, got concept of sustainable development, takes the resource deep processing and utilization of coking desulfurization and decyanation waste liquid as the carrier, practices the layout of the large environmental protection industry chain to produce green plant protecting, pharmaceutical, mineral processing and other functional products; adhering to the concept of being people-oriented, safety first, environmental protection first, and green development, we work hard to make our due contribution to the construction of "beautiful China" and the realization of the strategic goal of "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality".

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